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Beef Bundles

Buying in bulk has never been so easy. Our beef bundles are designed with savings and freezer storage in mind!

Grassfed Beef Steaks

Steaks are perfect for grilling! Whether you choose one of our bone-in steaks or perhaps a flank or skirt steak to...

Grassfed Beef Roasts

Stone Hill Farm roasts are a special way to serve large parties. Our economical Chuck Roast is good for every day...

Ground Beef, Other Cuts and Specialty Products

Our ground beef is flavorful on it's own, but you can also enjoy some of our specialty products made from our...

Grassfed Beef Bones

Perhaps you are looking for marrow bones to create bone broth or soup bones to make stock, we have an assortment of...

Grassfed Organ Meats

Organ meats, such as tongue, kidney, heart and liver are available for purchase.

Other Farm Products

Enjoy our pastured eggs when in stock.

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